Friday, January 28, 2011

Are Pies Replacing Cupcakes?

Every few weeks I come across an article proclaiming that cupcakes are dead or ______ will be replacing cupcakes this year. I've been seeing these kinds of articles for years, yet cupcakes are still gaining in popularity.

Last Saturday was National Pie Day. Although I love cupcakes, I am certainly not opposed to other sweets. In honor of National Pie Day, Pardon My Crumbs posted her list of the top 3 places to get pies in LA. I've never gone out of my way to try a pie, but maybe it's time to do that.


Minhster said...

Last weekend was Pie Day? We usually celebrate "Pi" Day at work (with Pies) on 3.14 (also happens to be Einstein's Birthday). Speaking of pies, if you want cheap pies, hit up Bonert's in Santa Ana on Fridays for insanely cheap pies!

OccasionalSugar said...

I've heard this same rumor about pies. I really don't think cupcakes are getting replaced but I will be happy if pie become more popular. Both desserts offer such different things. Can't they share the stage?

Wendy said...

Personally, I don't think anything could replace the greatness of a cupcake. :)


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