Friday, December 10, 2010

Sweet Tooth Fairy in St. George

It's not secret that Sweet Tooth Fairy is one of my favorite cupcake shops of all time. I reviewed their Provo location last year and have been craving them every day. Since then, Sweet Tooth Fairy has expanded to Draper, Salt Lake City, and St. George, Utah.

Well, lucky me! I just happened to be in St. George for Thanksgiving with my husband's family! There was no way I was not going to visit Sweet Tooth Fairy. After a few hours of exploring the mountain bike trails of St. George, my husband and I quickly drove there and had no problems spoiling our dinner.

The cupcakes looked just as good as I remembered.

The decor was the same as the original store in Provo, Utah.

This time I was not leaving without a cookie. But the cookie didn't last long enough for a picture. I loved it!

We gathered our goodies and headed back to "Thanksgiving central," the house where the 24 of us spent the weekend. (And let me tell you, sharing one bathroom with 22 people is not easy.)

My sister-in-laws and I tasted all of the cupcakes and goodies to make sure they were safe for the rest of the family.

Cake bites were a first for most of the people there. We got a few flavors to try. I like the chocolate peanut butter best.

When I visited Sweet Tooth Fairy last year, I sampled every flavor they had available that day. I was in heaven! So this time I wanted to try any flavors that were new to me.

This was my first time trying Sweet Tooth Fairy's chocolate mint cupcake, but it wasn't my first time trying this flavor. My sister-in-law Kristine thought the mint was too overpowering. Sometimes this happens when you have mint in a dessert and then it tastes like mouthwash. I thought that there was just the perfect amount of mint. I liked it.

This was no ordinary pumpkin. This cupcake had pumpkin cake AND pumpkin buttercream frosting (instead of the usual cream cheese frosting). My sister-in-law Julie thought that it had too much pumpkin flavor. But I thought it was interesting and unique and I really enjoyed it! I wish it could be around all year. I like that Sweet Tooth Fairy did something different.

Chocolate Fudge
Kristine liked this chocolate cupcake better than the Grasshopper. Tami, my other sister-in-law loved the thick fudgy frosting.

Sweet Potato Pie
This was definitely a new flavor to me and I loved it! One sister-in-law said it was too sweet, but another really liked it. My niece Hailey also liked it. I would definitely like to eat this again, but I'm guessing it's just as seasonal flavor.

The day that Sweet Tooth Fairy expands to southern California will be the day that I've died and gone to cupcake heaven. But maybe it's a good thing that Sweet Tooth fairy isn't close by...then I appreciate it more. At least that's what I tell myself.

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the brennecke's said...

I work at the sweet tooth fairy-Salt Lake. I NEVER get tired of their cupcakes. They are all so great! Sweet Potatoe Pie is my new fav.


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