Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Best Frosting Ever?

That's quite a statement -- BEST FROSTING EVER! But coming from Pioneer Woman, I believe it.

Here's the recipe:

5 T. flour
1 c. milk

1 t. vanilla

1 c. butter

1 c. granulated sugar (not powdered sugar)

In a small saucepan, whisk flour into milk and heat, stirring constantly, until it thickens. You want it to be very thick, thicker than cake mix, more like a brownie mix is. Remove from heat and let it cool to room temperature. (If I’m in a hurry, I place the saucepan over ice in the sink for about 10 minutes or so until the mixture cools.) It must be completely cool before you use it in the next step. Stir in vanilla.

While the mixture is cooling, cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. You don’t want any sugar graininess left. Then add the completely cooled milk/flour/vanilla mixture and beat the living daylights out of it. If it looks separated, you haven’t beaten it enough! Beat it until it all combines and resembles whipped cream.

Grab a spoon and taste this wonderful goodness. If there is any left after your taste test, spread it on a cooled chocolate cake.

Cut yourself a piece and put it on a pretty plate. Grab a fork and prepare to experience the most divine pairing you can imagine. This frosting on chocolate cake is to die for. Sure, the recipe sounds strange — it has flour in it — but it’s sublime. Try it, you’ll see. You’ll love it so much you won’t go back.

Tell me what you think. Is this really the best frosting ever or do you have a favorite that I MUST try?


Bry said...

so excited to try this! i'll let ya know how it is...i do have a fav though and that's the basic C&H powdered sugar recipe. maybe i'll have a new fav?

Eula McLeod said...

This is really good. Very rich and has great consistency. It's some extra work the first time doing it, though, and I had to add the milk/flour mixture before I could get the sugar to dissolve into the butter. Crazy recipe but yummy!


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