Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Laguna Beach Star Opens Cupcake Shop

You might recognize Casey Reinhardt from the MTV "reality show" Laguna Beach. You might recognize her as the sister of Doug Reinhardt, the guy who dated Paris Hilton. But Casey Reinhardt is making a name for herself. She has recently opened a cupcake shop in Riverside.

Casey's Cupcakes and Cappuccinos is located in the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa in Riverside. The shop offers flavors such as Rockin' Red Velvet, Marvelous Milk Chocolate, Caribbean Coconut, and Scrumptious Cinnamon Sugar. Casey's Cupcakes has received mixed reviews on Yelp, but it seems that people are more likely to comment when they have a bad experience. Her cupcakes sell for $3.50, which is one of the highest prices I've seen for cupcakes. They better be great cupcakes for that price.

According to the Orange County Register, Casey has plans to expand into Orange County. I'll keep you posted on when that happens.


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