Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cupcakes on Seabirds Food Truck

Food trucks keep popping up like crazy! I'm definitely not complaining, I love having lots of options for dinner when I don't feel like cooking.

Seabirds is Orange County's original veggie truck. Their menu offers food such as beer battered avocado tacos, organic veggie burritos, mango burgers, and sweet potato fries.

So why am I bringing them up? Well, I just read on Seabirds' blog that they are now serving cupcakes made by Luscious Organic Desserts. Luscious cupcakes are vegan and free of hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, and bleached flours.

I don't have any info on flavors or pricing yet, but Seabirds blog does say they've tried the strawberry, pumpkin, chocolate, and gluten-free chocolate. I'm always happy to see more cupcakes being sold in Orange County. Hopefully I will get my hands on one soon.

You can find Seabirds' schedule here.

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This is Carrie said...

We saw this truck at the art walk last weekend but didn't go over to check them out because I hadn't heard of this particular truck yet (and it was across a busy street with no crosswalk and I had 3 kids with me).

Now I kind of wish I had braved it.


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