Monday, April 12, 2010

Review: McDonald's Cupcakes from Germany

One week ago I blogged about the new cupcakes at McDonald's in Germany. I never expected to write a review on them since I (unfortunately) don't plan on visiting Germany any time soon (although I would LOVE to go there!...It's definitely next on my list for Europe). I guess I should learn to expect the unexpected. Tanja, a fellow cupcake lover and reader from Germany, emailed her a full review with pictures of the new cupcakes from McDonald's. See what she had to say about them:

So when you posted that Mc Cafe in Germany was going to sell cupcakes I was very excited and had to try them directly! And of course I had to write a review for you. So here are my opinions.

When I read that Mc Cafe was going to sell cupcakes I had to try them immediately. Especially since cupcakes are nothing that you get here in Germany easily.

So my sweet Boyfriend bought them for me at midnight cause I couldn´t wait till the next day.

BUT unfortunately they aren´t very delicious. The dough of all flavors is very fluffy, but in the same way without any taste. The cappuccino frosting had a little taste of coffee. but when I say little i mean little. The vanilla one didn´t even taste like vanilla. The chocolate one´s say ok. And then there was the strawberry one. Since I couldn´t eat all 4 on one evening, i left two of them for the other night. So when I got up next morning and opened the fridge it smelled like some really old garbage and surprise it was the strawberry cupcakes fault! But the funny point is, that this was the only cupcake that was really good. And the dough was filled with little strawberry pieces. Yummy.

But I really have to say if you have a good cupcake recipe and oven, then please for the love of god, bake your own cupcakes.

I will not buy any cupcakes from Mc Cafe again!

And with 6 Euros (8 Dollars) I think its very expensive.

Oh and I forgot to mention that the size is pretty small.

I would say: Mc Donalds, nice try, but please keep on improving.

Thank you Tanja! Great review (even though the cupcakes weren't great)! I would definitely agree that good cupcakes are hard to find in Europe. Hopefully that will change in the future.


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