Monday, April 5, 2010

Cupcakes at German McDonald's

I'm not surprised to see cupcakes pop up at McDonald's, especially since the introduction of McCafe. As far as how they taste?....I won't find out any time soon, unless I plan on flying to Germany to test them out (which I would gladly do, if someone else footed the bill). These cupcakes are only available at McDonald's in Germany.

Thanks to seriouseats (NY edition), I've learned that these special cupcakes were inspired by New York. Is it because the cupcake trend started in New York? Who knows.

"Central Park" - strawberry
"Chelsea" - chocolate/chocolate
"Soho" - vanilla
"East Village" - cappuccino

While it is nice to see more cupcakes popping up, I have yet to like a cupcake from a fast food restaurant.


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