Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Magnolia Bakery Opens in Dubai

Late last year I reported on Sugar Daddy's Bakery, a new cupcakery that recently opened in Dubai. Looks like they have some big competition! Cupcakes Takes the Cake is reporting that Magnolia Bakery has opened a new store in Dubai. It's crazy to see how much cupcake activity is happening in the Middle East.

Magnolia Bakery has managed to open a cupcakery in Duabi, but the real question is: when will one open on the West Coast? Hopefully soon. Last summer there were rumors of a Magnolia Bakery opening soon in LA, but I haven't heard anything since. Until then, I can dream.


Amber Henrie said...

There is no competition between Magnolia and Sugar Daddy's Bakery. Magnolia is over rated - their cake is dry and their frosting is too sweet. The best thing Magnolia offers is their Banana Pudding. Sugar Daddy's Bakery is a hit in Dubai because their cake is always moist and delicious and their frosting is just right - not too sweet but full of flavor.

Cupcake Activist said...

Amber- That's pretty cool that you've been to both places. I have always wondered if Magnolia is more hype than anything. Although, whenever I get to NY (or Dubai), I will still have to give it a try.

CupcakeLove said...

I saw one of the owners on the Today show last week and she confirmed that they are coming to LA. But did not say when.


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