Friday, August 14, 2009

More Info on CupShakes

Yesterday I posted about a brand new cupcake creation: CupShakes. Today I have pictures to go along with the news.

Step 1:
Put one Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcake and ice cream in glass.

Step 2:
Add silver splash protector.

Step 3:

Step 4:

Becky from Utah Loves Cupcakes got the scoop on the new CupShakes and was lucky enough to try all of the flavors last night. All of the feedback was positive! It looks like these CupShakes are going to be a hit!

If you live in the Provo area, stop by Sammy's Cafe tonight for live music and CupShake samples.

Sammy's Cafe
27 North 100 West
Provo, UT

If you are craving a cupcake with no strings attached, head over to The Sweet Tooth Fairy (and let me know how the cupcakes are).

The Sweet Tooth Fairy
1227 S. University Ave.
Provo, UT 84601

Photos: Utah Loves Cupcakes

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