Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sweets in Italy

Even though my cupcake search in Italy was not yielding the results I had hoped for, Italy was not short on sweets. Not one day went by without a visit (or two) to the gelato shop.

NEXT: Do I have you in suspense yet? The final results of my cupcake search in Italy coming up!


Kim said...


Lisa Smiley said...

I cannot believe that you ate all those yummies! You are a rail! I'm not a rail, but I'd be 20 pounds heavier if I didn't constantly work out...I eat too much of what I bake! I love that you can eat all that and stay in shape..but I'm jealous, too :)Looks like you had a blast! My friend is riding through France in July...she doesn't like sweets though. (and yes, I'm still friends with her :)

Cupcake Activist said...

It was heaven and I miss it!


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