Monday, June 8, 2009

Review: Dolci Centazioni

Italy is full of pasticcerias. They were my favorite places to visit! Every morning we would stop by a pasticceria (pastry shop) for breakfast. I would pick out two of the most delicious-looking pastries. And then I would spend the next few hours burning off the calories as I rode to our next destination.

Since my husband and I biked though Italy, we came across many towns that were not full of tourists. One of our favorite towns was Faenza. On the afternoon we were there, we stopped in a small pasticceria called Dolci Centazioni.

Of course the first thing that caught my eye was a display of mini cupcakes. Did I really find cupcakes that easily?!

They looked like cupcakes. They were in cupcake wrappers. The real test was did they taste like cupcakes?

Sadly, the answer was no. But they were still good. The "cake" was actually some kind of shortbread cookie and the "frosting" was a dollop of whipped cream on top of a thin layer of chocolate. The good thing about these treats was that they only cost 0.40 Euro each (which is about $0.60 USD). No cupcake in the US would ever be that cheap.

Stay Tuned: the quest for cupcakes in Italy continues...

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Joni said...

Maybe you could move to Italy and open a cupcake shop!


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