Sunday, January 18, 2009

Return to The Perfect Circle Cupcakery

I love having a local cupcakery! If I get a cupcake craving, there is a good possibility that I can walk down the street and buy a cupcake (hopefully the craving comes before closing time). But the bad part about having cupcakes so close is that I want one all the time.

I've been trying to pace myself, so Friday was my first trip to The Perfect Circle Cupcakery in 2009. After hearing some friends rave about the Snickerdoodle cupcake I decided I needed to try it myself.

Since I arrived later in the day, my flavor choices were Sweet Joe, Old Towne Orange, Snickerdoodle, and Coconut. I was bummed that I missed out on the Red Velvet. The manager said that they usually run out of Red Velvet a few hours before closing. Next time.

I went home with Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Coconut. So did Snickerdoodle live up to its reputation? Oh yeah! It tasted exactly like a snickerdoodle cookie. The cake was moist and the buttercream frosting was delicious.

I've had the Chocolate Coconut from here before, so I knew it was going to be good. It didn't let me down. I'm really starting to crave the chocolate and coconut combination. Whoever thought of it is a genius!

I read on The Perfect Circle's MySpace page that their grand opening will be on February 1st. I'm hoping to be there! Another thing worth noting is their hours. They are open:

Tuesdays to Thursdays 12-7
Friday to Saturday 12-8
Sunday 12-5
Closed Monday

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