Friday, January 16, 2009

Cupcake In Bloom

I've been seeing bus banners everywhere advertising "Cupcake in Bloom" from 1-800-FLOWERS. After several people asked me about this, I decided I needed to do a little research. After all, I should know about everything cupcake.

Just as I suspected...Cupcake in Bloom is a floral cupcake-shaped arrangement, not actual cupcakes. Even though it was a little bit of a let down, the arrangement is still cute. It sells for $24.99.

Since I was on the 1-800-FLOWERS website, I searched "cupcakes" on a whim that something else might come up. I was surprised when something actually did. You can purchase cupcakes from Cheryl&Co to be delivered to a special someone. A 6-pack of cupcakes is $29.95 and a dozen is $49.95. Quite pricey for a few cupcakes. Instead, I would find a mail order cupcake company that specializes in cupcakes. I haven't tried one yet, but that is definitely something I should look into.


Anonymous said...

I was really disapointed when i tried to send the floral cupcake to my sister on her birthday, and they wouldn't deliver to her area.


KarenF said...

I just saw the poster on the train and it was also plastered all over Grand Central Terminal this morning...but when I went to the 1-800-flowers website, the product was not available!

Unknown said...

The fact that you can't eat this, is a disgrace to cupcakes EVERYWHERE. Why is that man in the advertisement smiling? Because he knows you can't eat it!!

James Bradley Ricketts said...

Grrrr! I'm standing in front of a bus right now and it looks so yummy. I just had to look it up knowing my GF's birthday is right around the corner. Nothing edible?! arrrg.. Plus it's not even offered on their website.

Waiting Room Solutions said...

If you have a facebook, type "Cupcakes in Bloom" into the search and prepare to be amazed!


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