Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to TPC Cupcakery

Since my husband and I happened to be in the Orange Circle on Saturday night, I stopped by The Perfect Circle Cupcakery to see if I could try one of their Red Velvets. Sadly, they were out of Red Velvets again. Hopefully they are taking notes about which cupcakes run out so they can make sure they have enough to satisfy the end-of-day cupcake cravings.

My plan is to try all of the flavors they offer, but not at all once. I'm pacing myself. I only had a choice between Sweet Joe and Chocolate Coconut. Since I tried the Chocolate Coconut the previous night, I went with the Sweet Joe.

Sweet Joe tasted exactly how I expected it to...just like a coffee crumb cake. It didn't fully satisfy my cupcake craving, as it was more of a muffin. This would be a good "cupcake" to sell in the morning, alongside some coffee or hot chocolate.


Heather McLemore said...

i totaly agree!! i like the sweet joe, but wanted it with coffee!!! i hope you get your red velvet chance! i have had a few! and i've always had to fight with the customers in line b4 me, to not buy the last one! lol.

Unknown said...

To tell you the truth, I HATE the Perfect Circle. I was so excited to try them and by what you said I thought they would be pretty good but I was really disappointed. The cake tasted really ordinary (spongy, almost store bought) Definitely not worth the 3 dollars I payed. But you can forgive them because there decor is so cute.

Heather McLemore said...

Sometimes, the cupcakes are too dry! i do agree! Its almost like a hit or miss!

Jamie Ko said...

I tried the Perfect Circle after seeing it here on your blog.

i ordered the cookies and cream, the red velvet and the chocolate chip. I really liked the cookies and cream cupcake. honestly I can't remember if I liked the red velvet or not.

Cupcake Activist said...

I recently tried to red velvet and it was really good. The cake was very moist and the frosting was tasty too. I agree though, $3 is a lot for their cupcakes. But they are the closest cupcakery to me so I frequent their store a lot.


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