Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the 9th Day before Christmas, I went to PACIFIC WHEY CAFE

Pacific Whey Cafe was one of the locations chosen in the OC Register's Cupcake Challenge earlier this year. I had never even heard of this restaurant, but they sell cupcakes, so I had to check it out. Pacific Whey Cafe is located on the Crystal Court side of South Coast Plaza.

They offered two flavors of cupcakes--vanilla and chocolate. I chose the Chocolate Chocolate Buttercream. The cake was moist, but the frosting was different than any kind of frosting I have ever had on a cupcake. The frosting was very silky, almost like melted chocolate. It was similar to a drizzle that you would put on a chocolate cake. I am glad I had milk to complement this cupcake. It was richer than I expected.

Pacific Whey Cafe is located in Santa Ana at South Coast Plaza. They have the same hours as the mall. The cupcakes sell for $3.25. Their cupcakes are good for a quick fix, but not the kind that I crave.


Danelle said...

That cupcake looks pretty cute though! :) where are you going tomorrow!!!??? I can't wait to find out! :) great post!

Emily said...

Elise- just found your site and I think it is awesome that you have a cupcake blog! It's so rad that I can get the low down on the best cupcakes around! thanks

Kristin said...

that frosting looks really rich. it's probably a whipped ganache frosting. ive seen their cupcakes before and wondered how they tasted. thanks for trying them out for us!

Jaime said...

Ok, so my sister and I were trying to be the cupcake activist's assistants in AZ...we went to this place called in my pocket to try their cupcakes. We were so excited. Only, the place sucked, we didn't even buy a cupcake! They looked disgusting, and old. So just a little info. Thanks for the inspiration! If I find one that I like, I'll send it to you to try:)

Cupcake Activist said...

Emily- I'm glad you found my blog. I love the pictures you posted of Charlie on your blog. We haven't seen you guys in a while.

Jaime- Thanks for keeping an eye out for cupcakes in Arizona. It's nice to know what to avoid. I hope you find a good place soon.

CynHunt said...

I went to Pacific Whey with a friend because she raved about a cinnamon custard slice they sold. I saw their red velvet cake in the case and ordered one (because red velvet is one of my faves). I was so disappointed! The frosting was almost wax like and was chewy!
Maybe I was there on a bad day........

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