Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On the 8th Day before Christmas, I went to POUL'S BAKERY

Poul's Bakery is a special bakery to me because it is just down the street from my house in Orange. Currently, it is the closest place I can get a cupcake (the cupcakery that is supposed to open in the Orange Circle is lagging BIG time). Poul's Bakery is a small Danish-American bakery that sells many tasty baked goods.

Not only does Poul's Bakery sell cupcakes, but they sell cupcakes at a bargain price! I bought two cupcakes when I stopped by. The red velvet cupcake was $1.25 and the carrot cake was $1.00! Holy cow! This is the cheapest place to buy cupcakes in Orange County. And with this economy, I might need to go here more often! But, as you would expect, a cheaper cupcake usually means a lower quality cupcake. These cupcakes are no gourmet cupcakes, but they are still tasty.

Poul's Bakery is located off Tustin and Collins in Orange. It is open Monday-Saturday until 6:00pm and is now open on Sundays until 1:00pm.


ellecupcake said...

How did they taste?? The red velvet is my fav! is their red velvet good? YUM!

Kristina said...

you need some photos of hot models eating the cupcakes, good thing i'm coming home in a few days!!


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