Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On the 8th Day before Christmas, I went to POUL'S BAKERY

Poul's Bakery is a special bakery to me because it is just down the street from my house in Orange. Currently, it is the closest place I can get a cupcake (the cupcakery that is supposed to open in the Orange Circle is lagging BIG time). Poul's Bakery is a small Danish-American bakery that sells many tasty baked goods.

Not only does Poul's Bakery sell cupcakes, but they sell cupcakes at a bargain price! I bought two cupcakes when I stopped by. The red velvet cupcake was $1.25 and the carrot cake was $1.00! Holy cow! This is the cheapest place to buy cupcakes in Orange County. And with this economy, I might need to go here more often! But, as you would expect, a cheaper cupcake usually means a lower quality cupcake. These cupcakes are no gourmet cupcakes, but they are still tasty.

Poul's Bakery is located off Tustin and Collins in Orange. It is open Monday-Saturday until 6:00pm and is now open on Sundays until 1:00pm.


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