Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drunk Cupcakes to get Store in Orange County

One popular trend in the cupcake world is alcohol-infused cupcakes. I've seen and tasted them at almost every cupcake competition I've judged at. Although I'm not an alcohol drinker, I will admit that it fequently adds a great flavor to cupcakes.

A new bakery recently debuted in Orange County that bases their cupcakes on a certain ingredient: alcohol. According to the OC Register, Hapa Cupcakes, which made its public debut this summer, will be opening a cupcake shop in Irvine which will serve alcohol-infused cupcakes. Owners Akemi Lee and Hanayo Martin want their cupcake shop to be "more sexy, more fun."

Currently, Hapa Cupcakes is a custom-order bakery that operates out of a commercial kitchen in Santa Ana. Their top-selling cupcakes are Chocolate Jameson, Cinnamon Cafe Kahlua, and Red Velvet Stiletto, all made with a different type of alcohol. They also sell non-alcohol cupcakes for a lower price. 

One thing to note: their cupcakes are made with 1/24th teaspoon of liquor, just enough to get a small kick, but certainly not enough to get you drunk. Well, maybe if you ate 50 cupcakes!

What do you think of alcohol-infused cupcakes? Are you a fan?

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