Thursday, May 15, 2014

My First 50k, Mother's Day, and of course Cupcakes!

I never had a desire to run further than 26.2 miles. But for some reason this 50k was calling my name. I signed up with lots of trepidation, but excited for a new challenge.

The race couldn't have gone any better. Great weather, great running buddy, no upset stomach, legs felt strong, and I finished with a good time.

I knew exactly where I was headed after the race....Sweet & Saucy Shop! It was literally right down the street, so how could I resist?

I picked up my favorite flavor, Candy Bar, along with a dozen minis to share with my mom (it was Mother's Day weekend after all). I also had to get their special MOM sugar cookies. Yes I bought them for myself, but I'm a mom and I certainly deserved them after running 31 miles that day.

On Mother's Day I was treated like a queen, which was perfect since I was pretty sore from my race. My husband and son sure know how to spoil me. I can't wait to get my Burke Williams massage! 


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