Friday, October 18, 2013

A BQ Needs a Reward....or Two

On Tuesday I shared how I recently qualified to run the Boston Marathon. This deserves a huge reward, and luckily I was close to Sweet Tooth Fairy to indulge! I was literally outside for them to open at 10:30am. I couldn't have been more excited!

Sometimes you need a little savory to offset all of the sweet you'll be eating. I inhaled a cheeseburger and let the sugar time begin. I walked out of Sweet Tooth Fairy with two sugar cookies and two cupcakes. Luckily I had a 6 hour drive ahead to spread out the sugar indulgence!

I bought two flavors of cupcakes that I hadn't tried from Sweet Tooth Fairy before: Salted Caramel and Twix (the flavor of the month). Both were outstanding! My husband especially loved the Salted Caramel and we had to fight for the last bite. The Twix cupcake was filled with chocolate and caramel. It was delicious!

The sugar cookies were topped with Sweet Tooth Fairy's signature vanilla buttercream frosting, which has a hint of almond extract. It's not my favorite vanilla buttercream, but I still thoroughly enjoyed both sugar cookies. 

I got four items and walked out of Sweet Tooth Fairy spending just $10. I forget how much of a bargain they are. If you haven't been to Sweet Tooth Fairy yet, you must go. They have 10 locations and are still expanding. They are located in Utah and soon Arizona.


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