Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Flavor Alert from Sprinkles (and it's Savory!)

Last week Sprinkles offered a limited-time-only cupcake for the birth of the royal baby George.

The next big news in the Sprinkles Cupcake world is their new flavor. Yes, a new flavor is exciting, but this cupcake exceeds that excitement because it is Sprinkles first savory cupcake!!

I knew this day would come, and of course it has BACON!

"Thick, smoky bacon is baked to a crisp and woven into our Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cake. Topped with rich, buttery maple cream cheese frosting."

Yum! Of course I'm super thrilled to try this new cupcake, but I must say that Sprinkles is a bit tardy on the savory cupcake bandwagon. I tried my first bacon cupcake probably five years ago.

Although Sprinkles labels this as a new flavor, it will only be available September 6-22. Don't miss out!

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