Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jury is still Out on Vegan Cupcakes

I hate to say it, but I haven't been wowed by a vegan cupcake yet. Yet is the key word. I'm still open to trying again.

Cupcake Project recently posted a recipe for vegan buttercream frosting. This recipe uses homemade vegan butter (you can find the recipe for that here), which has quite a few ingredients I've never worked with, such as liquid soy lecithin and xanthan gum. I'm not sure I will make it, but I would definitely try it.

I'm still a bit skeptical because how could vegan butter taste better than cold, unsalted butter. Thoughts?

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Jess said...

I'm not anti-vegan cupcakes per se, but I have also yet to have a good one. I mean, obviously a great way for vegans to still be able to enjoy cupcakes! But personally, since I'm not vegan, I don't see any reason to force it. Butter is delicious so I'm not keen to mess with what works for me!


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