Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Guide to Cupcakes of Walt Disney World

I am a big Disneyland fan! My husband and I have been annual passholders since we started dating 8 years ago. As awesome as Disneyland is, I am anxious to visit Walt Disney World. I can only imagine how amazing it is!

I recently stumbled across this guide to Cupcakes of Walt Disney World. Who knew that you there were so many cupcakes available at so many places at Disney World! Now I really want to go.

Have you been to Disney World? Have you tried any cupcakes there?


Boston Bound Brunette said...

We have been there once. The Florida humidity was the only thing that we did not enjoy but we loved it! I don't recall them having cupcakes when we went and it was a few years ago before the cupcake craze really hit!

Krissy said...

Thanks for posting this!! Hope you make it to WDW soon; I was a CM there for four years!


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