Friday, February 10, 2012

Review: The Sugar Me Bakery

New year, new me. I went from being a full-time accountant/obsessive triathlete/cupcake lover to a full-time mom/semi-obsessive triathlete/cupcake lover. I love being a mom, especially since I can now get things done in the middle of the day. The old me had to review cupcakeries at night or on the weekends. The new me can visit cupcakeries at any time of day. That means more reviews! I'm on a mission to review every cupcake shop in Orange County.

My first stop is The Sugar Me Bakery, located in a Bagel Me! store in Orange, CA. Hard to believe this was the first time I've tried these cupcakes since they are just down the street from my house!

I picked up three cupcakes to devour, I mean taste. My first thought was that the cupcakes were decorated, something that you don't see often at a cupcake shop. How could I resist getting a cupcake with a cute little umbrella?

Tequila Sunrise: Orange cake with tequila filling and topped with grenadine buttercream. This cupcake was full of all kinds of flavors. The orange cake was moist and tasty. The consistency of the frosting was different than you'd expect because of the grenadine. I've never had a frosting like this before. It was delicious! Since I'm not a drinker, the tequila was a little strong for me.

Black & Tan: Guiness cake with harp lager buttercream. I loved the chocolate cake on this cupcake. Very moist and chocolaty. The frosting had a thick consistency and you could definitely taste the harp lager.

Marble: Chocolate and vanilla cake topped with chocolate/vanilla buttercream. This was my favorite of the three. Both the chocolate and vanilla cakes were moist. I loved how they were swirled together so each bite was different than the other. Both frostings were thick and creamy. The combination of the chocolate and vanilla was perfect!

Cupcakes at Sugar Me Bakery sell for $3.75 each. That's more expensive than Sprinkles! Since they are BIG cupcakes, I guess that justifies the higher price. Since I stopped by late in the afternoon, the selection was slim. Also, the cashier didn't know much about the cupcakes. I guess that's what happens when cupcakes are sold in a bagel shop. The cake was moist in each of the cupcakes I tried. I also enjoyed all of the frostings, which happens pretty infrequently to me.

The cupcakes weren't the only beautiful-looking items at the store. I was eyeing the decorated sugar cookies too. Yum! I'm saving those for my return trip. The Sugar Me Bakery is a great place to stop for a quick, decent cupcake.

3533 E. Chapman Ave., #C
Orange, CA 92869
cupcakes available 9am daily


Krissy said...

Love your reviews and your blog in general!

Had a question for you - how did you make the decision to go from career to full-time mom? It's something that's been bouncing around my head as my husband and I look toward the future. Any thoughts would be amazing :)

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