Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Baked a Pie!

I volunteered to bring a pie to my church Halloween party. Yes, I was aware that it was pie month at Marie Callender's and that all pies were $6.99. But I've been nesting (I wonder why) and really wanted to make my own pie. Since it's autumn, I wanted to do something with apples, but not a traditional apple pie. After searching a few websites, I settled on an Apple Cheesecake Pie recipe from Tasty Kitchen Blog. After purchasing all the ingredients, I again realized that buying a pie would have been way cheaper. But this was way more fun.

Of course I don't have a handy-dandy apple corer/peeler/slicer. That would have been too easy. I did everything by hand.

Glazing the apples with cinnamon and sugar was my favorite part. I might have saved a stash to eat myself. After glazing the apples, I made the cheesecake part of the pie. It would eventually get poured on top of the apples pieces inside the pie crust.

The bummer part about baking a pie is that you can't taste the final result without showing that you took a bite. My solution was baking a mini pie in a ramekin. It didn't have crust to complete it, but I think it was my best idea ever. (I might have eaten it for breakfast the next day!)

I don't want to pat myself on the pat, but I definitely deserved it. This pie was delicious! I could have eaten all of it myself.

The dessert of the night at the Halloween party was pies. I had to choose from 100 pies. Let me tell you, that's a hard decision. Of course I ate a piece of mine, and I also went for a lemon cheesecake. I will admit that it was better than mine.

I paid the consequences for eating so much sugar. My baby boy was turning summersalts in my belly all night long. I guess he likes pie too.


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