Monday, August 22, 2011

What Should This Pregnant Runner Wear?

In just a few weeks I will be "running" the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon. I signed up for this race way before I got pregnant. If this was any other race, I would just skip it, but Disney races are so much fun (and also a little expensive), so I just had to do it, even if I will be 28 weeks pregnant.

Now the big question: what to wear? It won't be easy to hide this big belly. Normally I wear my Hot Pink Team Sparkle skirt, but this time my friends and I are dressing up as Disney characters and pairing with a skirt. Carrie is going as Snow White. Kelly will be Tinkerbell. I still haven't decided yet.

Here are a few of my favorite options, along with matching post-race cupcakes:

Minnie Mouse

Photo: Team Sparkle


Photo: Team Sparkle

Photo: Cakes from the house of fudge


Photo: Team Sparkle


Help me out! Which do you like best? Or do you have another idea for me?


Joni said...

I love the Minnie Mouse!!!

MLN said...

Def. Minnie Mouse!

Kristin said...


Madison said...

Minnie Mouse!!

Run Ciry Run said...

I like rapunzel for you! I am also running Disneyland Half. I am debating betwen rapunzel and elastic girl. Have fun!

Run Ciry Run said...

BTW, the matching cupcakes are super cute!!


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