Friday, August 26, 2011

A Look Back at Munchathon

Two words sum up my life: eating and triathlon. Total opposites, but totally me. When I first heard about Munchathon I knew this was my event! A 5k race with food stops in between. What could be more perfect?

Race day came and I pulled on my Team Sparkle skirt over my pregnant belly, and was on my way to a day of fun!

The race had a wave start, which was great for spreading out the "racers." I put racers in quotes because no one was really running...except for me. Yes, this pregnant lady was running between food stops. I needed to burn off some calories so I could eat more!

The race course also had obstacles, such as tunnels, fences, walls, and a slide. I avoided all of them due to my big baby bump.

The first food stop was Fresh Fries food truck.

Loved these sweet potato fries dipped in hummus!! I also like how the sign says "protein boost." Sweet potatoes are actually pretty good for you, although when you deep-fry them I think all nutritional value is lost.

Drink stop with Honest Tea Honest Ade.

I didn't drink all of it right then because I still had 2.9 miles to go. I saved the rest of this Pomegranate Blue drink for later.

Pop Chips were next. I love these, especially since their not fried.

First time trying the Sour Cream & Onion flavor. Thumbs up.

Another drink stop: 8th Continent Soy Milk.

I'm a huge chocolate milk fan, but this would have been better served at the end of the race. Milk and running don't really go together. Chocolate milk is my favorite post-workout drink though. I wish 8th Continent was sold at Fresh & Easy. I would switch brands.

A third drink stop: Kern's. I didn't even try this one until I was finished because my stomach was too full of liquids. I loved the flavor though. I'm a huge pineapple coconut fan.

New food truck: Slapfish

A food I couldn't eat: oysters. A very unusual food to have on a race course. Obviously I had to pass up because of my state of pregnancy, but I am glad I had an excuse anyway.

Most appropriate food stop: KIND Healthy Snacks

I didn't eat this snack bar until a few days later and it was delicious. Cranberries, almonds, and honey made this a perfect pre-workout snack.

Next stop: Front Porch Pops

My camera wouldn't focus, but that doesn't mean I didn't like this popsicle. Popsicles are wonderful and this grilled pineapple one was probably the best popsicle I've ever eaten.

I see cupcakes!

The booth I was most looking forward to: Meringue Bake Shop! I was so happy to see Kristin.

Her cupcakes were like mini PushCakes: a shot of frosting topped with a piece of cupcake. They were a portable snack, which was perfect for eating and running at the same time.

This was the one stop where I wanted to stay all day. I have to admit that I tried all four flavors and stole a PushCake. I'm pretty sure Kristin wanted me to steal one because now I'm addicted to PushCakes! They are so perfect! If you haven't tried one, you must. You can find Meringue Bake Shop at the Great Park Farmer's Market every Sunday afternoon.

Sadly, the "race" was over and I finished my 5k in the longest time possible. But the eating didn't stop there. After the race, the food truck festival began. I had my pick from 50 different food trucks, some of which normally only roam in LA.

I started with the CheeseBall Wagon. Could a food truck be any more perfect? I ordered a "Sloppy Cheesy Chaz" slider. Absolutely wonderful! I could have eaten four more, but I wanted to try some other food.

I brought home a snack for my husband from the India Jones Chow Truck. I ordered him a Lamb Frankie and he loved it.

Lastly, I had to try Great Ball on Tires, partly because I love the name and partly because Saturday Night Foodies recommended them.

I am sad that they don't roam the streets of Orange County because my food was out of this world. The item I got isn't on their online menu so I wonder if it was a special item. Either way it was great. Two chicken balls covered with buffalo wing sauce, topped with mac & cheese and blue cheese. Yes, it is just as awesome as it sounds! I took some of it home to my husband and he loved it too.

Munchathon was a ton of fun and I hope to participate again next year. But next time I'm bringing a big group of friends! Oh, and I can't resist photo ops with cut-outs. I really am a cheeseball.


Joni said...

That looks like my kind of race. Looks fun!!

Taste and Tell said...

Now, that's my idea of running! How fun!

Anonymous said...

What a great day! All the food looks delicious!


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