Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OC Fair 2011

I count down until the OC Fair every year. Forget the rides, the concerts, and the games...I'm only there for the food. I manage to eat pretty healthy throughout the year, but when I enter the gates of the OC Fair, all bets are off.

This year I was provided complimentary tickets and food vouchers. Maybe a "thank you" for judging last year's OC Cupcake Classic?

The one bummer about this year's trip was my husband. I love him, but his no-fried-food resolution put a HUGE damper on the night. I mean, who goes to the fair and doesn't eat fried food? We started off with some healthy BBQ corn on the cob. Then dipped in a bucket of butter, sprinkled on cajun seasoning, and turned it from healthy to yummy.

Next we hit up Chicken Charlie's: the ultimate booth for fried foods. We had our pick of fried frog legs, fried Krispie Kreme chicken sandwich, fried Thin Mints, fried Kool-Aid, fried zucchini, and much more. I went with the fried avocados because avocados are a pregnancy superfood. I really wanted to sample the fried Klondike bars, but by the time I was ready for dessert, I couldn't handle any more fried foods.

My husband is a huge bratwurst and sauerkraut fan. Me, not so much.

Another one of my favorite fried foods is the fried cheese curds. I can never pass these up. And I didn't. But I did forget to take a picture.

Dessert time! My husband picked a vanilla soft serve ice cream. Serious? How boring can you be? I went with a chocolate dipped frozen banana with sprinkles ("there's always money in the banana stand" -- name that quote). It was delicious!

This is how I felt by the end of the night. Doesn't help that my baby bump makes me look huge too.

How cute is this little guy? Just 3 days old!

Before we left we visited the Ice Museum. They were handing out coats to borrow before you went inside the room. Lame! Or so I thought. I stepped in the room and immediately regretted by decision. I guess I should have expected a room full of ice sculptures to be extremely cold.

Although I am 5 months pregnant, I was able to go on one ride. Oh to be a kid again!

Thanks OC Fair. You are awesome once again.

The OC Fair is open July 15 - August 14.


Joni said...

Seriously Skyler, a vanilla soft serve cone??

SugarBeam said...

What a blast! I've always been intrigued by 'fried cheese curds', they don't have those at our fair and I've always wondered what they taste like!

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