Thursday, August 19, 2010

OC Cupcake Classic: The Winners

The OC Cupcake Classic was split into three categories: professional, amateur, and youth. Since there were over 70 cupcakes entered in the competition, the judges split the task of sampling all of the cupcakes. I was privileged to try the professional and youth categories. The other three judges split the amateur category into three groups.

I judged the youth cupcakes on the Danish scoring system. Each entry received an award -- either blue, red, or white. After I finished, the other judges and I picked a cupcake to win "Best in Show" from the cupcakes that received a blue ribbon. We unanimously chose Andrew English's lime and coconut cupcake. A close second place was Kathryn Arblaster's sweet potato cupcake (it was my first time trying a sweet potato cupcake and I really enjoyed it). Congrats Andrew!

The judges of the amateur category each picked their favorites from their group of cupcakes. The top cupcake from each group was then sampled by all of the judges to pick the "Best in Show." The winner of the amateur category was Desiree Moser with her lemon cupcake. This cupcake surprised me as I am not a lemon fan at all. The frosting was silky and delicious. Her cupcake was also beautiful. I loved the yellow, orange, and pink colors that adorned it. Congrats!

Since there were only three entries in the professional category, each cupcake received an award. First place and "Best in Show" was awarded to Vista Miller for the beautifully-decorated chocolate cupcake.

The OC Fair's Cupcake Classic was such a fun event! I've always enjoyed going to the fair and seeing the culinary awards. I feel honored to be a part of that this year. Thank you for everyone who participated in the event. Judging by the number of entries and the large audience, I think the OC Cupcake Classic will be back next year. Keep baking, Orange County! See you next year!


Joni said...

They all look yummy!

Vista M said...

Thanks for being part of such a fun event. I was disappointed that more professionals did not enter. But I am very excited you liked my cupcakes. To see more visit or on Facebook. Please let me know when I can get you more cupcakes to try.

Vista Miller

Anonymous said...

Hi its Kathryn sorry I didn't get back to you sooner I was busy making cupcakes... just kidding I was on vacation with my family. I was the one who made the sweet potato cupcakes. It was so fun to have you there!
-Cupcakes Ya!


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