Friday, May 6, 2011

Jello Poke Cupcakes

How come I have never heard of these before? Coming from a family that had Jello at every holiday, I'm surprised these never made it on the menu. Jello Poke Cupcakes from Me and My Pink Mixer sound like a great homemade treat.

The cupcakes are made with a white cake mix and are baked according to the directions. Then the fun begins! After they have cooled, poke about 6 holes in each cupcake. Then pour or squeeze Strawberry Jello (prepared, but not refrigerated) into each hole. Place the cupcakes in the fridge to cool for a few hours. Add frosting.

I have to try these to find out what I've been missing. You can find the full recipe on Me and My Pink Mixer.


TRAN! ( said...

I saw a rainbow cake that used this method, but I've never actually tried it.. Should be fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I have a cupcake blog ( and I am writing a poke cupcake post, and I was hoping if I could use your poke cupcake picture. I will of course link it back to your website. :-) Thank you

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