Thursday, May 19, 2011

Have you Heard of PopsyCakes?

I heard about PopsyCakes first on All Things Cupcake. Still wondering what a PopsyCake is? It's a cupcake on a pretzel stick. At first I thought, well, this is just a spinoff of Cake Pops. And everyone seems to be coming up with their own versions of cake pops. But then as I thought about it more, I realized that PopsyCakes take cake pops to a higher level.

"PopsyCakes are gourmet, handmade cupcakes smothered in imported Italian chocolate, placed on a crispy pretzel rod." The characteristic that makes these treats different is the combination of sweet AND salty. This is definitely my kind of dessert.

PopsyCakes are available in five flavors and can be purchase by the half ($30) or full dozen ($50). I think the Strawberry Milkshake sounds the most intriguing. PopsyCakes are available for purchase through their website.


Allison Elaine said...

My husband introduced me to yogurt/chocolate covered pretzels, which I now love...these sound like that x10! YUM!

Bry said...

mmmm... that sounds yummy!

pexejurer said...

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