Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tonight's Episode of Cupcake Wars: Ice House

Four bakers go head to head in hopes of having the chance to serve some of Hollywood's legends of laughter.

Sweet (Worchester, MA) - It's a bakery and a bar. Smart concept.

Sticky Fingers Bakery
(Washington, D.C.) - One of the originals owners is the lead singer of the all female tribute band The Iron Maidens. That's pretty unique! All of their sweets are vegan.

C'est La V (Los Angeles, CA) - Another vegan baker. Is this a trend now?

L'oven Baked Goods (Los Angeles, CA) - A catering company based in LA. Besides cupcakes, they also sell cookies, tarts, muffins, and pastries.

Sadly, this is the last episode of the season. Casting has already begun for Season 3 though. Can't wait!


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