Monday, March 14, 2011

Chocolate and Pistachio?

I am not a pistachio fan. Or so I thought. Two years ago I tried a cupcake at the LA Cupcake Challenge with pistachio in it and fell in love. Who knew? I think it's true that as you get older you start to like more foods. Look Mom, I'm maturing!

Sweetest Kitchen posted a recipe for Quadruple Chocolate Pistachio Cupcakes. Now, I'm already liking this recipe because it has the word "quadruple" in it, but I'm also intrigued by the pistachio ingredient. I haven't had a pistachio cupcake since that fateful day two years ago and I think I'm ready to try it again.

The cupcake is made up of:
  • Devil's food chocolate cake with Drotse Dutch-processed cocoa powder. Also, 1/4 cup of flour is replaced by pistachios.
  • Lindt milk chocolate pistachio truffle filling
  • Chocolate olive oil mousse frosting made from 50% Lindt chocolate and 70% Lindt chocolate
  • Topping of chopped and finely ground pistachios
Sounds like this cupcake has a great combination of sweet and salty. I think I need to test it out. You can find the recipe here.

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