Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tonight's Episode of Cupcake Wars: Cirque du Soleil

Tonight on Cupcake Wars: four bakers compete to have their cupcakes displayed at a release party for one of Vegas' favorites. The contestants are:

House of Cupcakes (Princeton, NJ) -Yum! Lots of peanut butter and chocolate flavor in this Peanut Butter Cup cupcake.

Sugar on Top (State College, PA) -The cupcakes on their website look homemade. I hope they have the accompanying homemade taste to go with them.

Cupcakes Couture (Manhattan Beach, FL (I think they mean CA)) -I got to try Cupcakes Couture at the LA Cupcake Challenge in 2010. Their cupcakes were decorated so beautifully.

Leyna's Kitchen (Los Angeles, CA) -Flavor I want to try: Mint Avocado. I recently tried an Avocado pie and it was surprisingly delicious. I think this flavor would be similar.

How exciting to have two more Southern California cupcake bakeries on Cupcake Wars. Good luck to all of the contestants!


Sam said...

Awesome episode. I loved Ron's creativity and he truly captured the thrill and mystique of Cirque - Yay!!

Jacky said...

I was so disappointed in the owner of Sugar on Top. She was not a pleasant person & was downright hateful to her assistant. There was one point where the asst. was asking her what sounded like pretty important questions & she totally ignored her! It definitely tell that she clearly heard her because she was making faces. So so unprofessional. Thought about checking her store out, I live in the area, but after this show, won't waste my time!


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