Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review: Sweet Jill's

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Sometimes my husband gets cravings. I do too, but I'm glad I'm not the only one. On this particular night, it was pizza. Not just any pizza, but New York style pizza.

Our search led us to A Slice of New York in Seal Beach. This place was legit. We ate a whole pizza by ourselves. What can I say?...we just love food!

But the night didn't end there. Across the street I spotted Sweet Jill's. My nose told me I needed to go in. From the window I could see cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies, cakes, and brownies. Yes!

I went in. Just the perfect combination of everything I love. Thank you, Sweet Jill's. This small little bakery overloaded my senses. I came out with a Red Velvet cupcake, a fudge cookie cup, and a sugar cookie. Why I didn't get a cinnamon roll still baffles me.

The cupcake was gigantic! A cupcake this big is never good, right? Wrong. One of the moistest cupcakes I've ever eaten. And it was a dark red color, so I knew it was a true red velvet. The cream cheese had just the right amount of cream cheesiness. My only suggestion is making it a bit smaller. When a cupcake is too big, you lose the perfect cake to frosting ratio.

"I'm glad this isn't on my new no-eat list because I'm going to eat this every day!"
That's what my husband said about the fudge cookie cup. (By the way, what he's referring to is his New Year's resolution of not eating any fried foods this year.) Chocolate chip cookies are a weakness for me, and when you bake them as a cookie cup, the texture is just perfect. The dollop of fudge on top was just the right amount too.

The butterfly sugar cookie was a random item for me to buy. I don't usually buy sugar cookies, but this one just looked delicious. Instead of frosting on top, this cookie had icing. Normally just a drizzle of icing on a cookie is a no-no (for me), but this icing was thick so it had plenty of sweetness. Although this cookie was decorated cute, it had a professional taste and was delicious.

Pumpkin happened to be with us on this outing. She looks sad because she was sad. Wouldn't you be sad if you missed out on eating the best New York style pizza and desserts?

After talking to a friend who lives in Seal Beach, I learned that Sweet Jill's is famous for their cinnamon rolls. Oh darn it. Guess I'll just have to go back to try them.

Sweet Jill's
123 Main St.
Seal Beach, CA 90740


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