Friday, January 21, 2011

Cupcake Wars Recap: Rose Parade

I usually don't do a Cupcake Wars recap, but I just had to after watching this week's episode. Tuesday's episode, "Rose Parade" featured former winners of Cupcake Wars competing against each other. This is the first time this type of episode has aired. The contestants were:

The Coffee Shop is located in Gilbert, AZ. Guess where I was two months ago and missed out on cupcakes?...Gilbert, AZ. To redeem myself, I was very focused on my husband's Ironman race that weekend. I love that they think out of the box and make their cupcakes a little different.

Although The Coffee Shop was cut in the first round, their cupcakes look delicious (although I'm pretty sure I don't want to try their Coffee & Cigarette cupcake). And despite Florian Belanger saying their vegan carrot cupcake was awful, The Coffee Shop is serving that exact cupcake this week to see what their customers think. The next time I'm in Gilbert, I will definitely by stopping by this rocker cupcake shop.

Sorry to say, but I haven't found a vegan cupcake that I've liked. I've had some where I thought, "this is good for a vegan cupcake." Doesn't count. Despite my so-so feelings about vegan food, Chef Chloe's cupcakes were making me salivate! And it wasn't just me...the judges loved her cupcakes too.

Chef Chloe was cut on the second round. My guess is because hers weren't decorated as much as the others. She's at a slight disadvantage because she doesn't use food coloring. But after looking at her website and seeing all of that tasty food, I'm willing to give vegan cupcakes another try. I think she's based out of LA, so I need to track her down.

I actually thought her cupcake display was the best and fit more with the theme of the event. I also loved the giant cupcake on the display. Dollhouse Bake Shoppe is a custom online cupcake shop based out of Santa Monica. Even though they are based out of the LA area, I haven't gotten to try their cupcakes yet. Hopefully they'll have cupcakes at an event I'm at soon.

Congrats to Sweet! By Good Golly Miss Holly for their second win on Cupcake Wars. They are the only company with two competition wins! My favorite part of their winning cupcakes was the birds nest decoration. So cool.

Sweet! By Good Golly Miss Holly is located in Orlando, FL. Sadly, that's on the over side of the USA. If I ever go to Disney World, I will have to stop by Sweet to taste their award-winning cupcakes.

What did you think about this episode of Cupcake Wars? Do you think the right winner was chosen? Should there be more episodes with past winners or should the competition only use each shop once to share the spotlight with others?


OccasionalSugar said...

I agreed that Dollhouse's display was more appropriate for the event. Both ladies submitted delicious looking cupcakes and I was drooling while watching. They should both be so proud of the work they did! I love this show :) Thanks for the recap!

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