Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crumbs Bake Shop Goes Public

According to and, Crumbs Bake Shop is going public in a $66 million deal. The 57th Street General Acquisition Corp will acquire Crumbs Bake Shop next month and could be trading on NASDAQ as soon as March.

Right now Crumbs Bake Shop has 34 stores in 6 states and plans to expand to 200 locations by 2014. Sounds like Crumbs is taking over the cupcake world. I don't mind because they are one of my favorite cupcake shops, as seen on my Top 10 List.


OccasionalSugar said...

Schnikes! I wish cupcakes would make me a millionaire. This gives me hope ;)

Cancemini4 said...

In your Top 10?? Really?? Hmm maybe I'll have to try some other locations because the new ones here in DC have been a total flop so far...


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