Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cupcake Suggestions for Chicago and New York

My husband has been traveling like crazy for work lately. Every time he leaves I give him a list of cupcakeries in the city he will be in. If he has time, he's been bringing me home cupcakes. I know, I have the best husband ever.

This week he is in Chicago and next week it's New York. Help me put together a list of cupcake shops in Chicago and New York. Last time he was in New York he brought me cupcakes from Sweet Revenge, so that's crossed off my list. I need suggestions.


Jess said...

Chicago: Molly's Cupcakes

New York City: sugar Sweet sunshine, Butter Lane, or Billy's. Or all 3 :).

crystal said...

I second the Molly's suggestion for Chicago(they look tasty on the website!). Sweet Mandy B's got pretty decent reviews in Chicago, as well. In New York, how about sugar Sweet previously suggested. And Magnolia Bakery in NYC. Besides yummy cupcakes it looks like they've got Organic/Fair trade coffee and eco-friendly bags! Can't wait to read about whatever he brings back! - Crystal

Mama Magna Doodle said...

For Chicago:


Kristin said...

For Chicago - def Bleeding Heart Bakery. And Swirlz.

For NY - i third sugar Sweet sunshine. And Babycakes.

Cupcake Activist said...

Thank you for the suggestions! He brought home cupcakes from Molly's Cupcakes! Full review coming soon.

Next is New York City. Still taking advice on where to go there.

Unknown said...

For New York City,

I suggest Magnolia Bakery which has several locations. My favorite is the one at 401 Bleecker Street, but that is only because it os closest to where I work.

I also reccommend the Cupcake STOP, this is a series of trucks which carry cupcakes rather than food or ice cream so if you can find one, they are great. They also have an actual store in the Limelight Market which is a sight in itself. It is located at:
1st Floor, 47 W 20th St,
6th Ave, New York, NY 10011.

Billy's Bakery is another good one. It has a location in Chelsea: 184 9th Avenue
Between 21st and 22nd Street
and Tribeca: 75 Franklin Street
Between Broadway and Church Street.

There is also a cool spot at Chelsea Market where the food network studios is. There are lots of food venues and shops there that are fantastic. The bakery there that specializes in cupcakes and cookies is called Eleni's. They are located as I said in Chelsea Market at 75 9th Avenue.

I also love crumbs but I noticed you visited their LA location.

Hope this is helpful!

Fellow Cupcake Lover,


Unknown said...

Also if you like mini cupcakes baked by melissa is great! There is one in Union Square and on Spring Street!

Unknown said...

I know this is an old post but I just found your site! I live in Chicago so I had to suggest, just in case your husband travels this way again: Sugar Bliss is awesome- has the greatest frosting. If you like banana, I suggest trying the Banana Banana flavor and if you like carrot cake, you must try their Cinnamon Carrot- delish!

Also More Cupcakes, I am afraid now that Sprinkles popped up in the same neighborhood, may be hurting a little but they really make some out of the ordinary flavors there. Their website is a little strange but you have to click on 'Order' and 'Local Delivery' to see the more colorful flavors. The Salted Caramel is very decadent but yummy my boyfriend tried the Maple Bourbon and a Salted Margarita-which I don't see on the site now, they were interesting but not my style! My boyfriend did enjoy them though.


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