Monday, October 25, 2010

Meringue Bake Shop to Sell Cupcakes at Great Park

Have you heard about the new Farmers Market that will take place at the Great Park in Irvine on Sundays? I hadn't either. But even more exciting is that you will find cupcakes from Meringue Bake Shop sold there!!

The Farmers Market will happen every Sunday from 10am-2pm, rain or shine. It will start on October 31, aka Halloween.

Meringue Bake Shop will be selling her cupcakes at the Farmers Market. You can buy individual cupcakes or packs at a discount. Future plans include the introduction of pies, cookies, biscotti, and more!

Since the first Farmers Market takes place on Halloween, Meringue Bake Shop is taking advance orders for dozen assorted decorated cupcake packs that can be picked up at the market. Send her an email and let her know how many dozen you want (one dozen minimum).

If you haven't tried cupcakes from Meringue Bake Shop, you are in for a treat! Her flavors are so amazing! Stop by and see her at the Farmers Market on Halloween!

Meringue Bake Shop


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