Friday, July 9, 2010

Wonderland Bakery to Bake Treats for MLB All-Star Party

Wonderland Bakery, a local bakery that bakes cupcakes and other treats, has been chosen to provide signature cookies for the MLB All-Star Game post-game party at Angels Stadium on July 13. There are about 1,000 expected at this event.

These special cookies are also available for purchase on their website. But you will have to fork over $8.25 for each cookie, along with a 12 cookie minimum order. That's steep.

This is not the first time Wonderland Bakery has baked special cookies for a big event. They also provided 6,000 cookies for the last presidential inauguration, and were chosen by President Obama himself. Those must be some great-tasting cookies! Maybe they are worth the $8.25 price. Anyone know?

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