Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cupcake News

Cupcakes Takes the Cake was full of cupcake news yesterday.

First up, the Food Network is holding a casting call for Season 2 of Cupcake Wars. Looks like the show is a hit! I've really enjoyed watching Cupcake Wars and learning about cupcake shops from around the country. It's also fun to see people pull recipes out of thin air. Last night they had to make cupcakes using ingredients that an elephant or giraffe would eat. Pretty cool. If you're interested in auditioning for the show, see the info below.

Second bit of exciting cupcake news: Cupcake Showdown 2010. Ten of the best cupcake makers will come together to compete for title of best cupcake in LA.

Each cupcake bakery will be giving away 300 mini cupcakes. 300 minis x 10 bakeries = 3,000 free mini cupcakes!

The Cupcake Showdown takes place Thursday, July 8 at the LA Artwalk from 6p-9p. You can find more info on the event's Facebook page.


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