Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Root Beer Float Cupcakes

Talk about a small world! A friend of mine (Ashley) has been living in Switzerland for the past year. So she travels to England to visit her boyfriend and sits next to a girl in church who has a cupcake baking blog. The subject of cupcakes somehow comes up and mAshley mentions that she has a friend who writes a cupcake blog (me). Well, the girl gets excited and says that she follows my blog too. How crazy is that!

The girl Ashley met writes the blog Cupcake Crazy Gem. She has a lot of great recipes on her blog that I make reference to often. Her most recent baking adventure is Root Beer Float Cupcakes. She uses a root beer bundt cake recipe from Baked Perfection (another of my favorite cupcake blogs) and vanilla frosting. She says these cupcakes are "absolutely fantastic amazing!" I guess that means I need to give them a try sometime. I've never tried root beer cupcakes, but I think it's time.


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