Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shipping Cupcakes by Yummy Cupcakes

Rachel from Cupcakes Takes the Cake was recently in LA. Of course she stopped by a few cupcake shops, one of them being Yummy Cupcakes in Santa Monica. She posted pictures of her cupcakes, but also included pictures of cupcakes in a jar. I was intrigued by the cupcakes in a jar because I get so many people asking me about how to ship cupcakes.

Last year I wrote about Beantown Baker's idea of shipping cupcakes in small mason jars. I even tried it myself when I participated in Operation Baking Gals. But Yummy Cupcakes makes it better by taking it one step further: layering.

Looks like Yummy Cupcakes starts with a layer of frosting, then adds 1/3 cupcake cut horizontal, then more frosting, then 1/3 cupcake, then more frosting, then the remainder of the cupcake, then a bit more frosting. They also use large mason jars, instead of small ones, which allows room for more cupcake! And because the cupcake is dissected, it doesn't really matter that the cupcake doesn't look beautiful....the stacking of the cupcake and frosting give the cupcake a unique look. Like this!

Photo: Flickr

Photo: Flickr

To get more info about ordering cupcakes from Yummy Cupcakes, check out their website.

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