Monday, October 12, 2009

Operation Baking Gals: Part One

Baking is in my blood. I love to bake! I look for any excuse I can find to bake. So when I heard about Operation Baking Gals from my friend Carrie, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I wasn't quite sure what Operation Baking Gals was at first, so here's a quick explanation from my team leader:
Opeartion Baking Gals is an "all-volunteer organization [that] puts together teams of bakers who ship care packages of home baked goodies to deserving soldiers, airmen, and marines deployed in war zones. "
We all ship our goods within the same week so that the individual feels bombarded with love and appreciation and shares with the others around them.

A few days after I joined a baking team, I received my first assignment. We would be baking for Heath Kirk, a soldier in the Army who was currently stationed in Afghanistan. The same day that I received my assignment, I found out that Heath had been injured during a mission in Afghanistan. Heath lost his left leg in the attack and his right leg was undergoing surgery. He was transferred to a hospital in Germany and would soon be transferred to a hospital in Texas. My heart broke. I didn't know this person at all, but I had a small connection through this program. I was determined that I would help by baking a really special treat for him.

It was a few more days before we got a "GO" for baking, since we needed a new address for shipping. Because my care package would only be traveling to Texas instead of Afghanistan, I decided that I would bake cupcakes (of course). But I wanted to try a new recipe. For the first time ever, I made up my own recipe. It was a hybrid from a dessert that my mom used to make called Pumpkin Something. I turned the recipe into cupcakes.

I was so excited to be making my first pumpkin dessert of the season! I've already stocked my cupboards with multiple cans of pumpkin so I can be ready to make a pumpkin dessert at any time.

The cupcakes turned out so moist! I was so happy with how delicious they tasted! Next hurdle: shipping them. I've never shipped cupcakes nor have I ever thought it was possible to ship cupcakes until last week. Beantown Baker showed me how to do it, although she sure made it look easier than it was.

The hardest part was finding the small mason jars. I expected to find them at a craft store, but I ended up finding them at the grocery store. Luckily, they had the smaller jars...perfect for my cupcakes!

I printed some labels with my logo on them to attach to the jars.

I shipped my cupcakes in a flat-rate box from the USPS. Since my package was shipping in the US, the cost was only $10.95. The package should have only taken between 2-3 days to get to Texas.

I hope that Heath enjoyed the cupcakes as much as I enjoyed baking them especially for him. He is a great soldier who deserves much recognition for his service to our country. Heath, I hope you recover soon. You are very appreciated. Thank you for your service!

Looking forward to my next assignment.


Jen said...

Those look awesome. I'm sure he'll love the cupcakes. I agree, the hardest part about shipping cupcakes in a jar is just finding the jars!

Norkio said...

Those look awesome!! Thank you so much for participating!

Joni said...

Thanks for reminding us about our service men and women. I know Heath will love them!


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