Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whoopie Pie Cupcakes

One of the most popular desserts I make is for Red Velvet Cookies, which are essentially red velvet whoopie pies. It's a perfect vehicle for getting frosting and cookies in my mouth at the same time.

Let's go one step further and make a Whoopie Pie Cupcake. That's what Jessie Oleson from Cakespy did. Essentially you make cupcake batter, but bake as cookies (on a baking sheet) and cupcakes (with liners in a cupcake pan). Add frosting to the cupcakes and top with the "cookies." The best part is that you can make any flavor. Happy baking!

Find the full recipe on Serious Eats.


Kristin Sokol said...

What a great vehicle. I am totally going to try it. Thanks Cupcake Activist!

Cakespy said...

Glad you liked it, friend!! :-)


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