Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tony Hawk SkateCake

Of course this post is dedicated to my husband.

Crumbs has partnered with The Tony Hawk Foundation to create the Tony Hawk SkateCake. This is a chocolate cupcake with rainbow sprinkles baked in, topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting. and edged with red and white sprinkles. In the center is an edible replica of a Tony Hawk custom designed skateboard.

Photo: Crumbs

Crumbs will donate $1.00 from the sale of every Tony Hawk SkateCake to The Tony Hawk Foundation. These special cupcakes are available at all Crumbs locations and online for $4.50 each.


Lisa Smiley said...

My son would also love this. I just made some skateboard cupcakes!

Kristina said...

is it just me or do they look huge?!


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