Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paul Frank Cupcake T-Shirts

Yesterday I saw this adorable Paul Frank t-shirt featured on All Things Cupcake. This Julius cupcake shirt is available at Target for $8.99. Target started selling Paul Frank brand clothing about a year or two ago. I'm happy that Paul Frank clothing is available for cheaper prices, but being sold at Target takes away some of it's value.

I was curious if Paul Frank had any other cupcake-inspired clothing. My google research found the Cupcake Vic Tee from the Paul Frank website. Unfortunately it is sold out. I bet there will be more cupcake clothing from Paul Frank in the future.


Custom T-Shirts said...
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Custom T-Shirts said...

Wow! Such a great collection of girls t-shirts. I am going to purchase the 1st one for my wife. Hope she 'll definitely like it. Thanks for the collection buddy.

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