Monday, December 28, 2009

Post-Christmas Cupcaking

Christmas came fast and left just as fast. I'm sad that it's over already! I hope you all had as great of a Christmas as I did.

Last night I was able to catch "Cupcake Wars" on the Food Network. I really enjoyed watching the cupcake competition. I was sad to see Monica from Two Parts Sugar eliminated in the first round because I know firsthand that her cupcakes are delicious. It was kinda funny that the other three competitors all used mango in their first-round cupcakes and all designed a dress display. If you missed "Cupcake Wars," you can still catch it on January 2 at 4:00pm.

Today I get to try some new cupcakes. I'm attending a media party at Divine Desserts in Laguna Niguel. Divine Desserts opened at the beginning of this year, but I hadn't gotten to it until today. Looking forward to trying some new cupcakes and meeting new cupcake people!


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