Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Movie Cupcakes

I love going to the movies! You used to be able to find me at opening night of every big blockbuster movie, but now...not so much. I probably only go to the movies three or four times a year. It's not because there aren't any good movies or because the price of a ticket is so high (I get discount tickets through Costco!). The problem is that I fall asleep.

My husband and I went to see Duplicity a few weeks ago with some friends. The movie didn't start until 10:30pm (which is late for me). Combine that with the fact that I'm sitting in a dark, warm room and I had just eaten a great Thai dinner. Within 20 minutes I was asleep. Maybe if I had some of these popcorn cupcakes, made by Smiley's Sweets, then I might have made it through the movie. Or maybe I just need to get to the movies earlier in the night.


Danelle said...

THESE ARE SOOOOO CUTE! :) I wanna make some! That is a great idea :) Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Smiley said...

Thanks for posting these :) I will be down south for a week and a half starting tomorrow..looking forward to trying some O.C. cupcakes!

Stephanie said...

THESE ARE SO CUTE, I've always wanted to try them but they seem like they are one of those are-harder-than-they-appear-to-make

Lisa Smiley said...

They are not hard! If you are used to working with melted chocolate, go for it. Check out The Whimsical Bakehouse website, too. She gives some great tutorials!

Cupcake Activist said...

Lisa is an expert so she probably thinks everything is easy to make :) I think that they are do-able but just take A LOT of time!

candice darling said...

if you like these cupcakes...you should check out the book 'Hello, Cupcake'. they have instructions on how to make popcorn cupcakes and all sorts of other food look-a-likes.
so fun!


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