Monday, April 20, 2009

Mini Samoas Cheesecakes

I made it through an entire Girl Scout cookie season without eating one Girl Scout cookie. Some may see this as a tragedy, but I view it see it as a success, as Girl Scout cookie season came during the last weeks of my Half Ironman triathlon training.

Samoas have always been my favorite Girl Scout cookies (although they are not the most cost effective. Only 14 Samoas in a box compared to 40 Thin Mints!). I came across this recipe for Samoa Mascarpone Cheesecake. Elyse (love the name...maybe that's because my name is Elise too!) from Elyse's Confectionery Creations came up with this recipe for a Samoa-inspired dessert. She just made it up. Talk about talented!

These aren't quite cupcakes, but they are mini desserts so they qualify for my blog. And boy do they look delicious!! Now I just need a few hours of free time so I can try them out.


Applepwrs said...

Please make these and then invite us over. They look like the best thing ever!

Lisa Smiley said...

ooh, they look yummy! i made some samoa cuppies a couple months ago ...very fun!

While I was down, I went to Susicakes :) I mentioned you and a customer came in and said she and her mom were just looking at your blog! I mentioned you posted my cupcakes a couple times and she had seen them. Way small world! Too much. I got the red velvet..and the coconut. Loved the coconut cake and both frostings. The red velvet was a tad dry, sadly. Oh well. Also went to Bristol Farms in Newport. They had really great frosting (got the double chocolate and dulce de leche), but the cakes were just OK. Sadly, they refrigerate them, which takes moisture out and when I went to eat some of each on the patio, they were so cold the icing fell right off the top of the cuppie! No worries, still enjoyed it when it warmed up. The chocolate cuppie was just too dry and crumbly, though. Fun to experiment, though...needed those runs on the beach and peter's canyons, though! :) sorry to ramble...

Cupcake Activist said...

Dave- I think I will. Although, I think these cheesecakes will require almost as much work as your Irish car bombs.

Lisa- I'm glad you liked SusieCakes. Their cupcakes are so good! I heard their red velvet is the best, but I haven't tried it yet. I've never eaten a cold Bristol Farms cupcake. I usually take them home and eat there, so I haven't seen that icing problem. I didn't know that refrigerating cupcakes made them dry. Good to know!


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