Friday, April 10, 2009

Ironman 70.3 = Elizabethan Desserts

Saturday I competed in my first Ironman 70.3 (aka: Half Ironman). This is my fourth season of racing in triathlons. Wow, what a day! After swimming 1.2 miles, biking 56 miles, and running 13.1 miles, I was exhausted! (By the way, I finished in 6 hours, 12 minutes.)

My post-race tradition is that I get to eat a cupcake (or two or three). This serves as my motivation during the race. Of course I was excited about this race because I knew we would be going to Elizabethan Desserts after. But after I was done, I just wanted to go to sleep. We still got my cupcakes anyway. Pictures to come!


Lisa Smiley said...

congratulations@@ so happy for you! i'm down here in orange county and plan to hit some of your recommendations soon@ congrats again! you deserve some cupcakes@

Ms Cupcake said...

Congrats! That is some feat. You deserve a dozen cupcakes with sprinkles.

I stopped by to send the link of your review on The Perfect Circle to a friend who is headed that way. I told her to stop by that "new Paris cupcake place on the circle." She couldn't find the website on Google. LOL. I was close. I saw the Eiffel Tower in your pix.

Cupcake Activist said...

Ms Cupcake- That would be confusing because there is actually a store in the orange Circle called Paris in a Cup, which sells small pastry items. I've actually never been there because they always seem to be closed when I am around. I hope your friend found the right place because the cupcakes there are delicious!

RuninDC said...

Awesome! Lovely post. I love your Blog

Cupcake Activist said...

Thanks! I will be doing a repeat of this event next year, including the cupcakes after. Can't wait!


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